Car Parking at   St Brides CottageCar Parking and Access.



Access to the property is via a short driveway that runs off a blind corner requiring two people to negotiate the traffic when exiting. It's also only accessible coming down the hill toward the harbour.






Low Sills at   St Brides CottageView from outside unguarded drops.



The upstairs windows have low sills so families with young children need to take special care.


The garden has some narrow steps, unguarded drops.  Children should be supervised and the elderly should take extra care.




For your enjoyment and safety, before making a booking you should make sure that a) you are happy with the accommodation, the facilities and features that the St Brides Cottage offers and b) you are happy that St Brides Cottage suits your needs and the needs of everyone in the party (including any visitors, pets and other third parties) and c) you and everyone in your party accepts that they occupy/visit St Brides Cottage at their own risk.


When staying at any property which is unfamiliar there is an increased risk of injury.